Discover how we teach life lessons/skills in a clean, safe, professionally operated martial arts academy.  Contact us here or at 843-813-1573 to receive additional information.  

Our program uses martial arts to give your child the tools they need to:

  • Improve Their Grades
  • Be Physically Fit
  • Be Super Confident Leaders

Our Mount Pleasant Martial Arts school is the perfect way to increase self-defense skills or simply improve discipline.  Call us today and let's set up a free lesson for your entire family!

teaching leadership and life skills through the martial arts!

With our unique approach and curriculum, we can help everyone become better and achieve their goals! Whether you are interested in the martial arts for yourself or looking for a place where your entire family can train in karate together, we have the right program for you!  Contact us to see for yourself!

Capital Karate of Mount Pleasant is conveniently and centrally located to serve Mount Pleasant and the greater Charleston area. Contact us to see for yourself how our Mount Pleasant location can help your whole family achieve their goals and have fun together!

Black Belt Leadership Academy

Contact us today for a free introductory course for you and your family.  See what Capital Karate can mean to your child and your family!

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Everybody can succeed

Free introductory course

Capital Karate is the place to go in Mount Pleasant SC (and the greater Charleston Area) for karate classes, and other martial arts instruction. With a lifetime of industry experience, our instructors offer top-quality martial arts education for the whole family!

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Welcome to Capital Karate in Mount Pleasant, SC

Welcome to the Charleston Area’s newest Martial Arts school in Mount Pleasant, SC! Capital Karate is not just a martial arts school.  We are a leadership academy, focusing on creating leaders. Not just here at our karate academy, but at home, school, and in the community.

How are we different from other martial arts schools?

We specialize in helping families train and earn their black belts together. Whether young or old(er), your family can all train in the same class together.  We encourage moms and dads to jump in and take the same class! For the family that is already commuting to and fro, or that just wants a great family activity, this is great news!

Another distinctive difference you will see with our Black Belt Leadership Academy is that we truly focus on, and succeed in, creating leaders! When looking for a Martial Art studio, it's important to know what is being taught, and how! We create leaders because we have a plan and a system, and we follow it! We are unique in our ability to create Black Belt Leaders! Ask us HOW we create leaders!

In Mount Pleasant and the Charleston area, convenience of the commute is a must. This is why Capital Karate is conveniently and centrally located to serve Mount Pleasant and the greater Charleston area. We are an easy drive if you live in Mount Pleasant, Downtown Charleston, or North Charleston. If you live in West Ashley, most families only have to drive about 10-15 minutes to arrive at our location.

Call or text 843-813-1573 to schedule your free, introductory martial arts leadership lesson to find out why our program is so popular!

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Call, text, or email to schedule your free, introductory martial arts leadership lesson and find out why our karate leadership program is so popular!


Capital Karate Mount Pleasant

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